Premises Liability

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Massachusetts Slip-and-Fall Lawyers
Our talented legal team provides comprehensive and aggressive representation for those injured due to premises liability. Our Boston area premises liability attorneys understand the physical and financial hardships associated with slip-and-fall injuries. Depending on your situation, you may be facing expensive medical bills, lost wages and possibly the need to find a new career.

At the Rezendes Law Group, we understand complex premises liability issues. We can evaluate your case from every angle to help determine liability. Our goal is to obtain maximum recovery for your injuries sustained due to a defective design, poor construction or maintenance of any type of premises.

Commercial Premises Issues
Our lawyers understand the technical hazards of defective building design and maintenance. We can provide aggressive, effective representation for injuries or wrongful death caused by defectively designed or maintained facilities including staircases, railings, floors, and electrical circuitry.

Residential Premises Issues
Massachusetts law provides strict regulations for property negligence. Landlords and owners are responsible for providing properly maintained and safe property for tenants and visitors. Rental properties must also comply with strict state sanitary codes that govern facilities including stair design, lighting, smoke detectors, water quality, and wiring.  We can provide aggressive and effective representation for your injuries or wrongful death caused by violation of safety standards.

Aggressive Representation
Our attorneys never back down from defendants or insurance companies. We maintain an aggressive approach for all of our clients. We understand that these accidents can cause serious injury and death.

We are committed to helping you obtain full recovery for your injuries. Our comprehensive knowledge of OSHA and Massachusetts Building Code regulations, ensures in-depth evaluation of your case to determine the best possible outcome.

Our network of industry experts includes former OSHA supervisors and engineers. Their expertise and insights into your case can help demonstrate the serious nature of your accident, injuries and long-term needs.

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