Medical Negligence

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Our attorneys possess sophisticated understanding of hospital negligence. We understand the emotional, physical and financial hardships associated with these complex legal cases.

Medical negligence can have serious consequences. Hospital neglect can cause catastrophic, permanent injuries.  At the Rezendes Law Group,we understand the complex, acceptable standards of medical care that govern medical professionals. We know how to investigate medical negligence cases to uncover the truth and determine liability.

Extensive Neglect Representation
Our attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of negligent medical care and the families of wrongful death victims. Our Boston area medical malpractice attorneys also accept cases involving teaching hospitals. We understand that many injuries can be caused by the failure to comply with acceptable standards of medical care.

We take time to get to know our clients. Our interaction with you helps us to see firsthand how your injuries have affected you and your family. We can help you pursue compensation for injuries sustained through:
  • Emergency room deficiencies
  • Negligent physician care
  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnoses
  • Improper supervision of interns and residents
Skilled Team of Experts
Hospital negligence cases require expert review. We assemble the best team of experts for every case. Our skilled experts can review your medical records and the circumstances surrounding your treatment. They can also examine the standards followed with each level of care issued by each doctor.

We consult with medical specialists from the same specialty involved in your case. Their expertise can help uncover the truth of what happened, and who is responsible. We also consult with economic specialists to illustrate how your injuries have affected your long-term financial outlook. Our goal is for you to receive the best possible settlement or verdict.

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